An Interactive Healthcare platform for children with Chronic Asthma

Project Description:
Physiotherapy is an important part of everyday asthma care process which kids try and avoid. Breeazy is a health care platform that makes daily physiotherapy interactive, engaging and fun for the kids. It is a connected health platform which makes it easy for the caregiving network to monitor the progress of the child.

Duration: 5 weeks (2018)
Project Advisor: Christina BeardChristian Ervin & Jesus Galvez 
Project Skills: Branding, Product Design, Prototyping, User Experience Design & Interface Design

Asthma is one of the major growing chronic diseases globally. It is the 3rd leading cause of hospitalization among children under 15 years of age.

The number of individuals with asthma continues to grow in The United States of America...

Understanding Asthma Care

I spoke to 2 doctors and 3 parents of children with asthma. Speaking to doctors helped me understand the care and multiple touchpoints in the asthma care process. Speaking to families gave me an insight into the everyday life of children suffering from Asthma.

“Regular exercise can cuts the need for medication and in some cases cure asthma at a young age. There are 2 main type of exercises, one is strong exhale (clinic) & other is controlled breathing (home)."
“I have to promise an extra hour of playing games or watching television if he does the breathing exercises on time everyday."
“She use to hate doing physiotherapy everyday, but ever since her friend has started joining her for exercise it has become more regular."

How might we make the process of daily physiotherapy interactive, engaging and fun for kids; while making it easy to monitor for the parents and pediatrician?

Connected Health Platform

Every child deserves a healthy life of fun and happiness. We at Breeazy help guide the child to do regular exercises while having fun, with guidance from your personal pediatrician.

Children Digital App
Interactive game for daily breathing exercise which is connected through the breathing belt.

Breathing Belt
A body belt which senses expansion and contraction of the stomach during breathing.

Brand Development

The brand development process started by defining the key brand attributes so that every design decision could be brought back to validate with them. The brand development process included mood board, defining color palette and typography along with the overall tone of voice.

Key Attributes: Minimal, Bold, Playful.

The Hero’s Journey (Interactive Digital Touchpoint)

The child is given access to a gamified healthcare application which makes regular breathing exercises fun and engaging. The hardware device senses the respiration or blowing and helps the child to interact with the application. In the back-end, it sends the daily analytical report to the parents application.

The Narrative

The regular exercise schedule is masked behind a narrative which has new quests everyday and different characters to choose from. This makes the everyday task engaging and something for the child to look forward to.

The Exercise

It is a guided session showing the child how deep he/she should inhale and when to exhale. The characters expand and contract as the child breathes. The outer-line represents the limit to inhale, at a perfect match the system rewards the child. This makes sure exercise is done properly while being engaging.

The Reward

The game is filled with different quests to keep the child engaged and motivating them to keep coming back to reveal new stages and new characters. This helps the pediatrician to customize the exercises for each child and increase compliance.

Prototyping Physical Touchpoint

The belt senses respiration and abdomen movement. This connects to the digital app that makes character inflate and deflate in realtime along with the breathing exercise. At the back-end it will keep collecting data and create analytical report of each day.
I went through 3 iterations of prototyping and different sensors before finalizing on one that worked.

Final Prototyping: I used a stretch cord sensor to measure changing resistance due to abdomen movement and reflecting that by fading the neo pixel ring. In a finished fully functional product the change in resistance would make the character on the tablet screen inflate and deflate.


As a designer with a visual background, it was a great challenge for me to keep my desires aside and understand the user's needs, to create an interface that was minimal and without any unnecessary elements to avoid distraction. Although it was an individual project I collaborated with a lot of peers to learn Arduino and 3D modeling. It taught me to always ask for help when needed because it only makes the work stronger. With more time and learning new skills, I want to connect the 2 touch points (physical and digital) and create a fully functional prototype.

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